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Why We Need Diplomatic Goods


I believe that individual freedom is at the core of any social institutions and within any realm of social endeavour. I am a pure advocate of individual liberty and freedom of action and thought with very few limited exceptions and my life has reflected that very fact ever since my teenage years before I even knew what liberty really means.

I believe that individuals, neither groups of any kind nor states, are the masters of the self and that governments should neither posses greater nor lesser power than the individual. The individual “must exist for his own sake,” Ayn Rand wrote in 1962, “neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself.”

For these reasons, I seek out in any way possible where I might be able to change the fabric of the misinformed through collective reason and the voice of the individual. I firmly believe that it is only through reason and logic thought that one can acquire knowledge and mend, shape his surroundings.

Based on this notion, the idea of a platform where one can freely contribute and empirically elucidate the concepts and methods of all agricultural processes is essential and of a pressing matter. Proof of departure from and violation of the loosely established policies is known and rampant. With respect to aggressive lobbyism, it remains a known yet ignored fact that progress and reforms within the political spectrum is futile and knowledge of this, though known by many, remains unacted upon.

My purpose behind Diplomatic Goods, which are the results of Diplomatic Standards, is to educate, show and protect the nature and our ideal view of our food and agricultural systems through objective reasoning instead of mindlessly delegating this undertaking to the governments or private enterprises.

It is known that any form of centralization weakens the bargaining power of the individual and thus your liberty within the societal framework. Thus, an unaffiliated platform is vital in forming a decentralized collective group of individuals of every circumstance and privilege who seek to deem empirically and reasonably for themselves what is of nutritional value to them or not – what is of sustainability to them and to the planet or not.We are to collectively form an intelligent group of members who can freely partake in Discourses to form a global consensus on agricultural methods and processes.

With Diplomatic Standards, I hope to issue a call to volition on each of everyone’s part to partake in an endevour that’s here to establish a new policy and a new guideline that will ultimately reflect us and the intended quality of all our foods. It is a stepping stone at transforming and democratizing an active, centrally controlled piece of a policy that almost all have deemed to be insufficient and full of biases.

It is one of many solutions that I know we owe to the planet in regard to our environmental concerns and to ourselves – after all, we all do eat. Therefore, Sustainability and Transparency are the two main core concept and principles with which I hope to guide the ideas of the Diplomatic Standards Community in working to form collectively defined standards for organic goods.