Currently interested in hyperspectral imaging & NeRFs.

well we didn’t make this time…

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From: Feedback Seedcamp
Date: Tue, Aug 31, 2008 at 12:16 AM
Subject: Your Seedcamp 2008 application
To: Feedback Seedcamp

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply to Seedcamp 2008. We really appreciate the time, energy and initiative you have shown in putting together your submission and developing your idea.

Unfortunately, your team hasn’t made the shortlist this year. The competition has been extremely tough and we’ve had over 100 entries more than last year from around the world. Our panel of judges from some of Europe’s top VC funds put a lot of thought into the process and did not find making their selections easy.

We want to help support you by creating a more vibrant entrepreneurial community to help you develop your ideas and building better businesses. We also really do want to stay in touch with you – so there are a few things which you can immediately take advantage of:

* please stay active on the Seedcamp forums
(http://forum.seedcamp.com) and blog (http://blog.seedcamp.com)
* join Seedcamp’s Facebook
(http://facebook.com/group.php?gid=2454599453) and YouNoodle groups
* please go along to and help us develop your local Opencoffee Club –
you can get great support locally (http://www.opencoffeeclub.org/)

If you have any suggestions on our online application process, how we can get the word out better, the timing of our process, or anything else let us know. Your feedback helps us support you in the next year to develop an even better application for Seedcamp 2009.

Thanks again and best of luck going forward,
Seedcamp Team