the UK post office’s new model comes quite close to ecologisca’s

February 20, 2009


Matter is a box full of nice things delivered to you on a Saturday morning. Inside the box is a selection of items from different companies-which might be useful, entertaining or just fun.

The Royal Mail is sending out a box of free stuff which it called “Matter“. Last time it contained DVDs, candybars, a SIM card CDs and a few other goodies, of which first batch was sent out in December to about 30,000 people.

They are describing it as “a new approach to direct mail” where you try the free goodies, maybe give some to your friends and eventually stay as a loyal customer. No brainer.

Ecologisca’s proposal of eradicating advertisers’ blanketing the largest market audience possible with a given campaign follows a similar business model. Its concept of democratizing its consumers for the benefit of being able to ultimately sell anything at no charge would rather draw upon the “customers implicit and explicit connections for efficient ad targeting augmentation and relevancy.”

In effect, it would even be more efficient than the Royal Mail’s customers’ task of having to intentionally sign up for “Matter.”