The organic world of BULLSHIT!

October 12, 2009


“The first rule of BS is to expect it… If you want to detect BS, you have to swallow some cynicism and add some internal doubt to everything you hear…  The first detection tool is a question: How do you know what you know?”

Two years ago today became the day when every trip I took to the grocery store started to be an agonizing, tormenting episode. That day, I came relentlessly to the conclusion that the organic world was entirely filled with bullshit, lies and irrefutable illusions. The story begun right at the moment I heard of this fad. As soon as that happened, I knew I had to question it. It amounted to feel like I was surrounded with friends and acquaintances who were all in a state of helplessness and had acquired a sort of blind faith in the Utopian idea of the mass marketed promises of organic goods.

The gullibility and callowness of the quite numerous shoppers of ‘organic’ food started to inflect a sort of nauseating drama in my thoughts that I realized I really needed to do something against that fact and inform my friends of this fantastic sham. An empiricist at heart, what had started out to be a skeptical inquiry became a hobby then pure obsession which ultimately lead to Diplomatic Goods; the world’s first open standard for organic goods. An endeavour which we hope will fulfil the expectations of this deficient industry and address the misfortunes of the well intended organic idea.


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  1. Yara

    I heard something I never would have imagined-Someone told me, they used to buy at this BIO-laden, and one day they saw the employees buying vegetables at Hofer! so yea.But what I originally wanted to say is-i like the way you write!

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