the evolution of writing on the internet

November 23, 2008

This illustration says a lot about the evolution of writing on the web and our decreasing attention span.

A Very Brief History of Micro-Media. Credit: David Armano.


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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, but long texts do not mean value… value is about links… so even very short re-tweeting is good if at least there is one link inside…

  2. Anonymous

    Knowledge is a graph: nodes are contents, vertices are links. A graph without nodes or vertices goes nowhere. So links are as important as contents…

  3. Anonymous

    Knowledge is information, not a graph. Without this you have no intrinsic value. Linking to a blank page has no value. You need the content first, THEN you bring people to read it with links. Websites with no value to readers fail no matter how many links they contain. Links are important to connect the content to the web in general but if you place their value as equal or greater than content I think you make a mistake.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for your good arguing, I love that, hope you too… your thinking is only weak about "knowledge is information": what is information… You cannot dissociate content and links… of course links without contents are poor value, never said the contrary, but as much as contents without links… Just try to think of one piece of knowledge in your own brain which is not linked to something else. Before hypertext, texts were very poor about links, that’s where Internet makes the whole difference with printed books… Would you like to talk next time about retweet and why it is not zero value?

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