Perhaps I’m the first one, or maybe not. Last month I started an experiment in publishing a series of ideas on Instagram. This then culminated into a bigger idea: a book.

The idea is to daily post an Instagram with connecting ideas that explain my thesis of “Simple Minds See Black & White, Complex Minds See Grey”. The post or, essentially, the book will visually elaborate and expand upon my ideas of the basic notion that our actions are irrational and we now live in a dynamically complex system that is non-linear and yet, armed with our ‘scientific’ models, we assume the task of forecasting the next move.

We rationalize events into one story of either black or white when it can never be done. We are constantly being duped by the narrative fallacy. Like an Instagram photograph, it is the hunt for the box, that ever so perfect little square box, that we yearn to encapsulate our experiences. When in the end, it results merely as a false image, a faintly lit flash in the far distance that was our beginnings.

I tip-toed in a seemingly bare backwood. I lie in ambush, lurking in concealment. #Instagramnovel

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