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September 18, 2008


via Vienna unlike – events am 17.09.08

Stacy Epps at Roxy - After Dark - Vienna

Omar Epps is the dude. Period. So we were all pumped when we heard that Atlanta-based emcee/singer Stacy Epps will be play at the Roxy this Friday. Not just because we’re feeling her seamless mix of neo-soul and hip-hop with ethereal vocals and smooth lyrics really hard, but also because we hope that she is somehow related to Omar Epps. Of course, she would bring him along, and we’d have an wonderfull night with our two favorite Epps’ in the world, listening to Stacy’s dope debut solo album “The Awakening” while watching Omar just being Omar and telling stories about his time shooting with Takeshi Kitano.

Operngasse 24 , 1040 Vienna, Austria

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