our firm’s underlying ultimate proposal to advertisers

September 23, 2008

Rather than the usual banner ad or Adsense words that are so currently beloved and where the employment of contextual targeting is falsely deemed to be the best method of attracting consumers to a given ad, our firm would concentrate on and realize the industry’s long desire and overdue for the implementation and localization of conducting direct and personal marketing campaigns towards the end consumer, drawing rather upon our customers implicit and explicit connections for efficient ad targeting augmentation and relevancy.

Where as in the past, the most efficient way to deliver a message was to blanket the largest market audience possible. This ingenuity, brought about by the theory of the Long Tail and the growing importance of niche advertising, has the affect of allowing advertisers to have an increased ability to reach their preferred specific audiences and execute relevant ad messages.

How? Through our concept of the Democratization of Distribution.