Location: Orlando di Castello

February 9, 2010

Orlando di Castello - Food - Vienna

Situated within Vienna’s historical center, Karl Wlaschek Junior’s stylish café delivers a new approach to gastronomy within the city, accentuating his flair for hospitality and promoting a culinary concept built upon quirky design, quality ingredients and stellar service.

Universal dishes thread throughout the menu such as a Caesar salad, steaks, handmade ravioli and burgers, each one spruced up courtesy of quality ingredients and expert preparation. Pastry chef Pierre Reboul’s artful creations are a beacon, outshining many a competitor in this the Habsburg city of sweets, shunning traditional Viennese treats for thoughtful designs such as the dazzling Tarte Tropezienne.

The drinks menu offers an exotic selection of foreign wines, excellent Belgian beers and a coffee from Galapagos islands that will have you here on a daily basis.

That microscopic attention detail doesn’t just end in the kitchen. Everything about this place has been thought out to the nth degree, from the surreal interior design (inspired by the trinity of a Tyrolean girl, Queen Elizabeth and 50 Cent), to the attire of the enthusiastic, well-informed staff and time-appropriate music: soft and relxing in the morning to more revved up at night, when it all crescendoes into a dinner and dance scene.


Freyung 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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