european rant #1

July 21, 2008

There are many things that I love here, but there are other things that just drive me insane regarding how the countries function, the laws and how the people here just behave. Considering these differences, I have come to the conclusion, albeit I have
tried fully to integrate myself in everyday life, that I ultimately don’t think I will really fully understand the Austrians or the Europeans when it comes to certain things. Though, I’m sure the same things can be said for a
European living in the U.S.

Concerning hiring laws, the U.S is far ahead and especially in Asia. What really bothers me though, which I think is illegal in the U.S, is the fact 90% of all job posts that I have seen here ask for a picture in the application.

I always question myself, am I applying for a photo shoot? Why the photo part? Is attractiveness or ugliness a requirement for this position? Is modeling for the company part of the tasks for the job?

The employers really make it a point sometimes by bolding the letter “Foto”. I, in the end, just ignore them. As I really can’t contemplate the fact that my picture will tell them whether or not I can do the job. In fact this is quite common in East Europe and Asia. Though it may not be illegal in Australia, it’s still quite taboo.

I’ve also seen age requirements where one has to be 21 or 25, though I’m sure that no laws prohibit one who is under that age of performing the tasks of the job, and all posts still have the letters “w/m”, which means female or male. Do they still have to clarify this?