a sea of homogeneity

July 9, 2008

any day that I surf Silicon Valley news, it’s always the same old companies and start-ups trying to make a buck on the latest craze; Web 2.0.

an open challenge:

“…Tim O’Reilly recently opened the Web 2.0 conference by asking entrepreneurs to solve bigger problems.

What’s really going on here? I think the malaise is deep and systemic. Many of you may disagree – but I’m vastly disappointed in the moral and strategic bankruptcy of today’s crop of venture investors and so-called revolutionaries. There are huge shocks rolling across the global economic landscape.

Here are just a few. Food prices are skyrocketing. The financial system is melting down. Energy, of course, is more and more toxic, and costly. We are all, make no mistake, dancing on the precipice of economic cataclysm. It is the obligation of radical innovators to create new value by solving these problems – or cede capital and resources to those who can. But today’s revolutionaries are sheep in wolves’ clothing.

They’re lost in the economically meaningless, in the utterly trivial, in the strategically banal: mostly, they’re cutting deals with one another to…try and sell more ads. That is, when they’re not too busy partying..